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About The School

Wetzel Martial Arts Theatre was established in 1956 at the New Brighton Armory in Beaver County by Goeroe Willy Wetzel. Its original name was the Beaver County School for the Oriental Arts of Self Defense. - In 1970 Goeroe Roy Wetzel changed the name to Self-Defense Systems Inc. Currently Goeroe Jim Wetzel heads the school he renamed to Wetzel Martial Arts Systems. It is an Indonesian Pentjak Silat style that is well respected around the world. Rich in history and tradition it stands the test time. We continue to adhere to its origin. 

School Hours

Tue: 7-9

Thur: 7-9

Sat: 10-Noon



 New Masters


Website currently under construction. If you have any questions please email or call Master Jim Wetzel at;

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128 Brighton Ave, Rochester, PA 15074


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